Back in the saddle!

Well here I am back at writing a blog. I thought that I told myself to not write something like this again as I don’t really have the time, but here I am typing away as the if there is a direct drip of dopamine tapping on my spinal cord.

Writing is really just my therapy and if I don’t write here, I’m putting my fingers at risk of becoming permanently crippled by holding a pen to paper. I still will fill my journals with endless lines of my mind dribble but that is not for the world to read — this endless mind dribble is.

The King of Mongkok.. Yep, that’s me. I love some Mongkok. If you haven’t been to ‘MK’ (as it’s known locally), then you need to get on the next sampan over here as soon as possible.

Most people don’t like MK as it’s too crowded, noisy, polluted and on and on with negative adjectives that seem to make people want to come and experience it rather than stay away. There is by the way everything that you would possibly want in and around Mongkok. Movies, food, drink, Karaoke, shopping (anything you can think of to buy), transportation, cafes and on and on with things to find and do in Mongkok.

I don’t intend to just fill my writing with things going on in Mongkok as people will not read my words often. I will however write a bunch of crap about all things that cross my mind and that I feel like blessing you with. That’s right, you will be blessed to have read my words. Well….Okay, blessed is a bit much. But hopefully you will have learned something, cracked a smile, busted out laughing or found out that you just can’t live without having my writings on your screen every day. No stalkers please.

Enough of this for now— I feel my boss coming around the corner and I am ridding the clock at work a bit. I just wanted to get word out that I’m doing this and watch out.

Peace for now and know that I’m coming with the boom in the form of words bestowed down upon thee.


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