Are You Becoming a Wino?

As I have started to enter into the world of wine, I wonder if this means that I am becoming a wino.

I grew up in Washington DC and the word wino has a very distinct sound and meaning to me (the picture is Ned the Wino from ‘Good Times’, btw). I think that others from certain cities would also translate the word in their mind in a similar fashion.  It was more of a popular term before crackheads hit the scene from the 80’s and 90’s crack epidemic.
A wino was the affectionate term given to those that were always hanging out on the corner by the liquor store and well…..they were drinking. Mostly, I don’t remember them exclusively drinking wine per se but always had a bottle in their hands (in a brown paper bag of course).  Even long before the liquor store opened at noon, these cats would just be sitting around waiting to get a bottle or still getting into a bottle that maybe they procured later in the night before.

Well, now that you have that image in your mind. Am I becoming a wino in that sense of the word?  I don’t think so.  In Hong Kong , you can buy alcohol 24/7 so I don’t need to hang out and wait.  But honestly, I really don’t like to drink but at certain times and now that I’m getting into wine……..well, I feel a bit more high class in my drinking.

The study of wine though is a very deep and complex subject.  I’m not just looking to sit around and drink and talk about sports at the local pub.  I want to be able to dissect a wine and discuss the various elements and complexities of the wine.  Where was it grown?  When was it bottled?  Who made it? How does it taste?  On and on with what could be talked about from just one taste of a wine.  A taste!  I don’t even need to swallow the wine to ascertain all of the information about the wine.  This is what I’m going after in my quest to truly learn about wine and all that goes into the wine world.

Wish me luck and I will post what I learn along the way.  I will also post things about wine and in particular wine going ons here in Hong Kong.  There is a lot going on with wine in Hong Kong as the Hong Kong government dropped the wine tax in 2008 making Hong Kong the wine hub of Asia.

Tell me what wines you like to drink and why in the comment section.  We can learn from each other.

wine-5_2375456b       RedWineBottlePour


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