Moments In Life

Some people say that we are defined by our experiences in life and whether you believe that or not, I think that it can be easy to understand in some ways. Those experiences are the moments of our lives. Some of those moments are happy and some are sad or unhappy but they are the moments of our life and we should cherish them.

You may be saying, ‘how the hell should I cherish something that brings me sadness?’. Those moments that may not be so shiny, are some of the best things that we need sometimes to grow stronger and to be able to face bigger challenges that we may face in the future. There is another expression that says, ‘we are measured by the difficult conversations we have’, and it is some of these difficult moments in our lives that can measure us. Not to be measured against others, but for us to measure against who we were yesterday. How will we grow to be stronger today and tomorrow? It is the moments in our life to help us see this.

Special Moments

Special moments are the moments that no matter how much time goes by, you will always remember them that that they bring a special feeling to you. Unlike some unhappy moments that you wish to forget, the special moments are ones that you enjoy remembering. Some of them you try to keep in the forefront of your mind to remind you of a happy place or time. For me, I grew up in Washington DC and anytime I see something that reminds me of there, I smile. For example, when I see the numbers 202 or 947, I smile and pause what I’m doing to remember something happy about DC. 202 is the area code of Washington DC and 947 was part of the address to the house that my family lived in for many, many years.

Today’s Moments

Now that we know what moments that bring us which kind of feeling, it is important for us to make today’s moments the best moments that we can. We’ve gone through all the drama that brought some moments that cost us money, heartache, maybe even a loved-one. Now it’s time for us to create amazing moments that give us the memories that we want to have. Setting goals for ourselves and working towards reaching those goals is one powerful way to create amazing moments.

As we get older and move more through life, we often look back upon previous times of great moments in our lives and tell others about them. We use those moments in stories and even sometimes as ice-breakers when meeting someone new. Those moments mean so much to us that we cannot let them go, and we shouldn’t let go of them. Now go out and create new amazing moments in your life.


check out Moments in Life video on Youtube


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