Why Setting Goals is Important

Goals We Need in Life

We have all been told to set goals in life and many people only set those goals at the beginning of the year and change the name to ‘resolutions’. Goals are something that are continuously changing and evolving while you are in pursuit of reaching each goal that you set for yourself. While it is very important to put a timeline on a goal, which we will discuss further in a bit, if placing a goal at the beginning of the year with the blanketed statement of ‘this year I will…….’, may not be reached. Some people may find it hard to really reach a year long goal and give up the pursuit because they didn’t prepare for the changes and specifics in placing the goal to begin with.

Goals that we need in life should cover all types of areas of our lives, from fitness and health goals, to financial goals, to reading goals, to learning goals, to……… the list goes on and on. All of the important areas of our lives need to be listed out and work towards reaching a new place bit by bit, day by day, one area at a time.

How Do I Set Goals

I get asked this question so many times every year by my students and I never get tired of answering it because the ‘how’ needs to always be asked and looked at. It’s different for everybody and that is because we all are living different lives and have different things that we would like to achieve in life. My fitness goal will not work for you because I have been working out and exercising for my entire life and have never let myself get out of shape, for the most part. So, if you’re not in great shape and are looking to shed a few kg then your goal and more specifically, the way you would go about reaching your goal, will be entirely different to how I would go about it and this goes for so many other areas of our lives too.

So, the first and foremost thing that we need to do is that we need to get a good notebook for our goals and to record how we are going along the road to achieving the goals. In that notebook we will be not only writing the goal itself, but also the exact date in which we want to achieve the goal. We also need to look at all of the aspects of that goal in terms of, what time commitment can we make each day to work on the goal, what do I need to sacrifice to reach the goal, will it cost any money, who can I call for help, how will this goal help me once I achieve it….. The list goes on but these are some of the bigger questions to ask so that we know exactly what will be involved in getting to the finish line.

Next, we need to have an action plan for each goal. What are the steps that are needed from the beginning to the end of getting to this goal. Many times people just say that they want to lose weight but do not really know what is involved in losing that weight. Everyday needs to have action and also a reaction for the temptations that are all around us to derail us from reaching the goal. While we all need to have some fun and let loose at times, we have to work hard on our goals in order to earn the reward of a ‘let loose day’ or also known as a ‘cheat day’.


Learn it. Know it.

Above is just a sample initial goal plan that would get you started on your journey. Try to mind map out different areas that you can think about. (Hope you can read my handwriting.)

Work through each goal according to your plan and review your progress every week at the least to see what changes need to be made and to document what you have learn and accomplished thus far.

Goals are a must in our lives. We need to be able to have things in front of us to help us live a more exciting and productive life. It can really be easy to fall into a groove of life and just ride it out. We get busy with things and are having fun or we just feel like we can’t make things happen in our lives and we just don’t try. The biggest thing about setting the goals and going after them, is the movement itself will give you an understanding that you want more from yourself. Sometimes, if not often, we do not reach the intended outcome of a goal and it can be something that makes you sad, but all that it means is that we need to set another goal with the knowledge learned from the previous experience. Step by step we will reach greater heights every time and will be in a better place than we were.

Donnie Simpson from BET used to say at the end of his show every day, “if you reach for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll be amongst the stars”. Reach for the moon my friends.


Make sure you check out The King Of MongKok on Youtube.


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