Change Your Life For The Better

Sometimes our lives become stagnant in positive movement. We fall into our cycle of life of going to work, home and sleep and years go by before we think about what it is that we are doing with our lives. Not to say that you’re not living a good life, but don’t we all want to keep moving forward and create a better life for ourselves?

Learn it. Know it.

I know that I do and this article will give some insight into ways that we can make some small changes to help us live a better life. These changes can be subtle and there are even changes that we can make in the already great things that we are doing in our lives. Sometimes we do not need to make large life altering changes but some small adjustments in our lives to different areas can have large positive life altering ramifications.

Filling in the Gaps

Obviously filling in the gaps of things that are not on your daily hit list would be the best place to start.


The idea of being better and living a better life starts first and foremost with reading. How much time do you spend reading everyday? Reading is one of the most fundamental skills that many people need to improve in their lives. Understanding more about the world you live in and about the things that you are most interested in is key to living a better life. The heavily used phrase of ‘knowledge is power’ fits well here because every time you read, you are becoming more powerful. Why wouldn’t you want to be the most powerful person that you can be, right?


As with reading, writing is also a fundamental skill that needs its own shine in our daily lives. When was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote something out that needed you to sit down and focus? For a lot of people, they haven’t use much of a pen or pencil for writing more than the occasional shopping list or to jot down some small notes on something at work. Writing needs to be a part of your daily life because it is a reflection of what is going on in your mind and in your world. We need that reflection and we need it often. Keeping a journal with your thoughts and reflections will bring so much to you and to your life that you will be upset that you didn’t start writing a long time ago. Now is the chance to see how it will change your life for the better.


Some people suck at it. Communication is the key to a better and more fulfilling life as we are constantly needing to engage with people in our daily lives. Learning to be more communicative is the same as adding oil to a squeaky wheel, soon everything is moving more smoothly and things become easier. Learning to communicate better takes time and understanding to know how to be a better communicator. To communicate better helps to soothe feelings and to feel what other people are trying to convey and to be able to convey your thoughts, feelings and aspirations to others. Every relationship, not matter at what level, needs a great deal of communication in order for it to be successful.


How can we communicate if we are not listening to each other? Keeping in mind always that we have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. We should be listening more but not only to other people, we should also spend time listening to ourselves as it is our own thoughts and feelings that we need to also listen to. While listening to that inner-self, when listening to others, we should be listening to understand and not to be listening to just give an answer back. Understanding to what people are trying to say to you, not only the words, but what is their intended meaning and what they are actually saying takes time and practice. Too many times we are just listening to give an answer and that is called ‘hearing’ not listening.

Putting Yourself First

Putting yourself first can be one of the most difficult things to do as people often genuinely want to do things for others and to sacrifice their own happiness for others as well. While trying to help the people in your life to be happy is a great and noble idea, sometimes it’s at the sacrifice of your own happiness. You will find yourself doing things that are not healthy to your own well-being and overall emotional health. This is why we must learn to put our own happiness and the things that we want and more importantly need first, to have a better life. Putting yourself first does not mean that you just ignore those around you for your own selfish reasons, it means that you put the things that you need to be happy in the forefront of your life.

Setting goals and moving forward in your life will help those around you in seeing you having the successes that you need to be happy. So put yourself first and reach your goals in life to help you live a better and more full life.

Exercise Regularly

Learn it. Know it.

Saving the best for last and saving the easiest for last as well because exercise should become just like breathing. We must do what we can to exercise regularly as it will surely help you to have a much better life. Exercise can be done in lots of ways and with the Internet and Youtube, you can find tons of exercises and people that devote their lives to helping others get into shape. Daily movement will help you to put all of your stress and scattered thoughts together while helping your body to become healthy which in return will give you a better quality of life. There is no doubt that you will feel better and live a better life with regular exercise in your life. Get up, get out and get moving.

Final Thoughts

We all want to live a better life. No matter how our life is now, it can always be better but better needs to be in the most positive way possible. Doing small things as mentioned above will help you to see changes in your life that will help you to reach higher heights and live a better life. They are all small, easy to do things, that you can implement into your daily life. Just try to add them into your day and see improvements happening bit by bit.


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