I went to the Jacquinot & Fils Champagne dinner that was held by the Wine High Club at the W Hotel in Jordan.
It was great — for the most part — because of the feeling of the event more so than the champagne, which was good as well.

The champagne:
Now, I’m not much for champagne as my palate just isn’t there yet to judge a good champagne from a great champagne. But I can say that the bubbly provided by Jacquinot & Fils Champagne was presented well.  Also, Jean-Manuel Jacquinot the winemaker was also in attendance to introduce not only his family’s vineyard but also to give some background to each of the 5 different types of champagne that was on offer.  Out of the 5 presented, the first, Private Cuvee, was my favourite.
The food:
I’m not really one for photographing food that much so the photos provided here are from Fu Man Chu, ‘The Man of Leisure’. The presentation was great, except for the last dish before the dessert. I don’t eat red meat or pork and requested something else to replace the beef dish and was just given 2 pieces of fried chicken on top of some celery. I’m from DC so I can always get down with some fried yard bird, but I was hoping for something that was at least similar in presentation as the other 4 dishes. But not a big deal as I was satisfied with the event for other reasons. The food was just a bonus.

South African Abalone Photo by: Fu Man Chu, The Man of Leisure
South African Abalone
Photo by: Fu Man Chu, The Man of Leisure
If only I could have eaten 12 of these. Photo by:  Fu Man Chu, The Man of Leisure
If only I could have eaten 12 of these.
Photo by: Fu Man Chu, The Man of Leisure
Champagne tasting dinner, 23 June 2014

The people from Wine High Club were very nice and very knowledgeable as to their products  and the business of wine.  Thank you Kay and Red.  The other guests at the event were also very kool in the fact that they were all there to get some good food, good champagne and share in some good conversation.

I can’t wait for the next event from Wine High Club.

Another event that is on the calendar is the Malbec Challenge organised by the Hong Kong Wine Judges Association.  This will surely be a great event to be at and I hope that everyone can come.  The Argentine Consulate General to Hong Kong will be in attendance at this event and there will be more Malbec wine to judge and taste than the palate will be able to handle.  Malbec is my 2nd or 3rd favourite red anyway, so this will be especially great for me.

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